However, the site sometimes has some hiccups. There is always the possibility that an individual code gives issues with your account. This could be a one-time thing. Trisha R Corcoran April 11,am.

borderlands 2 shift codes orcz

MentalMars April 13,am. SonicHedgehog88 April 13,pm. Mike Hanna April 29,am. Jaxx May 6,am.

Let's▷ Borderlands 2 ⁅Как вводить Шифт коды (Shift-codes)⁆

Do you guys know when new codes will be released? How do you watch for them? The first game is by far my favourite and I have beat everything a bazillion times, I just love the shiFt code factor. Shawn Boyce May 21,am. Ryan July 18,am. MentalMars July 18,am.

Rae Thompson August 18,pm. Try again. Thank you. MentalMars August 18,pm. MentalMars August 21,am. Redeeming the codes on the Borderlands site has some hiccups. Rae Egyptmania August 19,pm. Robert June 4,pm. Borderlands 1 Golden Keys.

Code Archive. You May Also Like.Just trying to get some stuff. If not, please let me know as that may change the advice! You can do this on the SHiFT web site shift. Second question: are you getting any other odd connectivity issues in any other games or with your XBL connection? I just tried redeeming again and it worked. Sorry about that. Maybe you can only redeem so many at a time. I hate to be the guy that bumps a skeleton post from almost a year ago, but I can confirm, Shift code entry will only allow 3 codes at a time, then it will require me to close and relaunch BL2.

Hello, I am currently having the same issue. Can someone help me? I get the same message, after i redeemed one code, no others will go through. You can enter more at one time through the game.

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This 3 code limit is kind of inconvenient when redeeming codes for Steam games because I have to keep opening and closing one of the Borderlands games to get past the limit. However, it is frustrating when redeeming console codes because the consoles are in the TV room at the other end of my house.

I have to go all the way in the other room, launch the game and wait for it to authenticate to shift, and then close the game again to return to my PC to enter just 3 additional codes before repeating the process.

Can we at least get it so we can redeem 10 codes at a time on the Shift website? By the way, it seems failed attempts count too. Example: I have 3 codes to redeem and I accidentally enter one of them twice. That counted as 2 entries and now I have to start up the Xbox One and log into the game to be able to enter the 3rd code.

Wow, I have not seen that message so far this year. I guess they increased the limit, but kept a limit to keep people from trying to spam codes into the system. In this case, just launch the game on your other devices, log into Shift, and then come back and try again.

Borderlands 2 All Shift Codes (Golden Keys)

Let us know if you figure out what the new limit is. There is a cap on the number of codes you can redeem through the web site at a time. To redeem additional codes, you can either wait until tomorrow or launch a game and use the in-game redemption. PS4 BL2 "The number of golden keys has not increase after enter the shift code! Thanks for that update.

I was having the same problem. I was trying to enter them through the website.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements.

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Thanks you very much. Thanks man! Serod View Profile View Posts. Thanks, all worked except Thomas View Profile View Posts. Thanks a lot! Didn't know I missed so many. Last edited by ScaniX ; 29 Mar, am. Originally posted by HeraldUK :. Mike View Profile View Posts. Thanks for the code but when I submit it, it says to double check that all 25 characters are right.

So it seems like there might be a typo.

Borderlands 2: Golden Key

I just copied and pasted btw. Originally posted by FierstArter :. Make sure there are no spaces being copied when you copy and paste. Thanks for the codes! Number two does not work, and the new one you posted states all 25 characters aren't correct.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 28 Mar, pm.When Gearbox released Borderlands 2 init had a novel idea: "SHiFT codes," which players could find on Borderlands' forums and social media accounts and enter into the game to unlock rare weapons and cosmetics.

Shift codes come in two main varieties:. Golden Keys open a special crate in the city of Sanctuary. That crate is guaranteed to serve up a purple rarity item. In a game with billions of randomly generated guns, it was a tantalizing way to skip the RNG and get some great weapons. Special skins are unique skins and heads for each Borderlands 2 character that can only be unlocked with Shift codes. Today Borderlands 2 is still going strong on Steam, and still occasionally gets golden key shift codes even now that the sequel is out.

Check out our new guide to Borderlands 3 Shift codes for unlocks in the new looter shooter. If you're playing Borderlands 2, these codes will help you load up on rare guns and cool skins. Below we've collected tons of Borderlands 2 Shift codes that unlock skins or big piles of keys.

Borderlands 2: Shift Code

For years you could redeem Shift codes at Shift. That means to redeem your codes, you need to jump into Borderlands 2 and do a little alt-tabbing. Once you're on that menu, you'll see a list of previously redeemed Shift codes. Click the Shift Code button at that bottom of that window, then paste in the digit Shift code.

When we find some new temporary or permanent codes for we'll keep track of them here. To find new codes regularly, you can follow the official Gearbox and Borderlands social media accounts, but your most efficient destination for Shift codes is this website: Shift.

The website automatically monitors and posts updates from both Twitter and Facebook onto one convenient page. If Gearbox has put out a new batch of Shift codes, they'll be listed here.

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The unofficial Shift Codes Twitter account is also easy to follow. Keep in mind that Shift codes typically expire after weeks, so check in once a week or so if you're actively looking to stockpile.

Now let's get to the really good stuff: special Shift codes that can unlock unique items and cosmetics. Despite being years old, these Shift codes for character skins haven't been deactivated at least, not yet.Make sure to go there and bookmark. See here: Borderlands 3: Shift Codes. Golden Keys are special keys in Borderlands 2 that unlock a golden chest which gives you very powerful and rare items.

SHiFT Codes are special promotional codes released by Gearbox Software and other sources, some of which are only active for a few hours before expiring, while others have been valid for years. Mostly just golden keys, but you might be rewarded with something else, other than just golden keys, such as:. SHiFT Codes may eventually expire. Only mark that the codes have expired in the expected expiration section.

borderlands 2 shift codes orcz

If a code is past its expiration date and still works, please change the "Expected Expiration" to "Unknown". Each time you open the chest you will receive one to four items depending on what items are available, similar to how loot chests work in the rest of the game. Any item that comes from the chest is scaled to the level of the person who opens the chest. The minimum level that the items can be however, is 7. For example, if a level 4 character opened the chest the gear would be level 7, whereas if a level 42 character opened the chest it would be level Timing is very important when opening the chest.

At lower levels i. But, at a higher level for instance, the max level, Player Level 72, at Overpowered Level 8you will definitely already have powerful gear or legendary items that are more powerful than the mysterious loot chest has to offer.

Also, because the item's level is scaled to your character's level, it's a good idea to open the chest very soon after you've leveled and not to wait until you're getting close to levelingso you can spend as much quality time as possible making good use of that same-level item. If, however, you're opening the chest to simply sell items because you're hard up for cash, timing doesn't matter much. Occasionally, when multiple keys are used in sequence the chest may give one item usually a rocket launcherand remain stuck in the opened-state.

But don't be alarmed! Simply exit to the main menu and Continue to resume. I personally tried to use the new codes for the Pre-Sequel, after I'd already used them for that game, on Borderlands 2.Borderlands 2 tells a tale of a group of Vault Hunters who are tasked with killing a tyrant called Jack in other to return peace to Pandora. However, before we list all the Borderlands 2 Shift Codes, lets tell you where to enter them.

Redeeming your Borderlands 2 shift codes is pretty simply. There are two ways to go about it and the easiest method is to log in and use the codes via the Gearbox Shift Codes website. This method is essential if you are looking to redeem on all platforms.

Also Checkout: Borderlands 3 Shift Codes. The second method can be done in-game. To get it done, simply fire up Borderlands 2 and go to Main Menu. Now select Extras followed by Shift Codes. From there, click on the button that says Shift Codes and then paste your digit shift code there. For what it is worth, we have gone through all the social media services and forums such as Twitter and Reddit to curate a list of active and new Borderlands 2 shift codes that where shared during giveaways and big events.

To be candid, there are a plethora of Borderlands 2 shift codes, but most of them have expired. The ones listed above are still working, and they can give you essential rewards.

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Sign me up for the newsletter! April 26, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Sign me up for the newsletter! Related Posts. July 8, July 2, Borderlands 2 shift codes. Shift codes come in two main varieties:.

borderlands 2 shift codes orcz

Today Borderlands two is still going strong on Steam and has gotten new Alter codes each month of But that may change now that the sequel is out: check out our new guide to Borderlands 3 Shift codes for unlocks from the new looter shooter. If you are playing Borderlands 2, these codes will help you load up on rare firearms and cool skins.

Below we have collected tons of Borderlands 2 Shift codes that unlock skins or large piles of keys. And more game commends. For years you can redeem Alter codes at ShiftGearbox however Gearbox lately removed that functionality.

That means to redeem your codes, you need to jump to Borderlands 2 and do a tiny alt-tabbing. Click the Alter Code button at that bottom of the window, then glue in the digit Shift code. Here are a few sexy new Borderlands 2 Shift codes out of To locate new Shift codes regularly you can adhere to the official Gearbox website and Borderlands social media accounts, but your most effective destination for Alter codes is that this website: Shift.

The website automatically monitors and posts updates from both Twitter and Facebook onto a handy page. Twitter accounts are also easy to follow. Despite being years old, all these Shift codes for personality skins have not been deactivated at least, not yet. As far as we know, they ought to continue to do the job. As a result of Orcz for an exhaustive list that is mostly up-to-date. Class Mods change how personalities play and give certain skills to big fans and bonuses.

Check the long list of Shift codes on this Wiki page to find loads of codes that still function.

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes for PS4, Xbox One and PC (2020)

The majority of them will provide you a bundle good for five Golden Keys, which means five openings of the torso in Sanctuary for purple loot. However here are a few codes you should definitely trigger, which can be good for far more than just five keys. Skip to content. January 8, January 8, Tauqeer Akhtar. Shift codes come in two main varieties: Golden Keys, which opens a distinctive cage in the town of Sanctuary.

borderlands 2 shift codes orcz

That crate is certain to serve up a purple rarity item. In a game with billions of randomly generated guns, it was a tantalizing way to skip the RNG and get some fantastic weapons.

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